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Preparing your manuscript

Standard requirements for the submission of manuscripts

The materials of an article sent to the editorial office are divided into two parts: the first part is the text of the article itself with figures, tables and formulae; the second part is meta-information: the title of the article in English [and Russian], information about the authors, abstract in English [and Russian], keywords in English [and Russian] and references in English.

Here is an example of the submitted document with detailed submission requirements

References guide

Instruction for E-Submission portal

  1. The text should be prepared in Microsoft Word and saved in docx format. File size should not exceed 20 MB.

  2. Text should be formatted as Times New Roman with font size 14, paragraph with no indents, null spacing and 1,5 line spacing. Page orientation should be portrait with A4 size and 2cm margins. Do not use double line breaks and spaces.

  3. Manuscript should have no less than 10 pages

  4. Graphics and tables should be in greyscale.

  5. Annotation should be no more than 1000 characters (with spaces) and is filled as a part of metainformation in E-submission system.

  6. Up to 7 key words in English (in Russian, if possible) should also be provided.

  7. References should be organized as per bibliographic requirements. They should be attached at the end of the text under the title of “List of References”. The sources should be listed in the alphabetical order. To link in-text citations with the list of references the numbers in sequential order should be used in square brackets. If a reference is made to a specifi c quotation from a source, such reference should be marked with a sequential number on the list of references and a page number. Page number should be set off with a comma.

  8. In case the author deems it necessary to add notes, a new section should be created entitled “Notes”, to be placed before the ”List of References”. Notes may contain author’s comments or explanations marked sequentially with one or more asterisks.

  9. Special symbols (i.e. Greek, Old Russian and other rare letters) should be inserted as images or accompanied by fonts containing such symbols.

Presentation of the materials

All communication with authors are automated via E-submission system. Registered author can submit an article on "My articles" page. To get help use this link http://submit.uni-journal.ru/help or feel free to write to tech@uni-journal.ru.

Reviewing of manuscripts received by the Editorial Board of "Humanities and Science University Journal"

  1. All manuscripts received by the Editorial Board are cataloged according to the Nomenclature of Scientific Specialties and sent to Editorial Board on science branches.

  2. The decision on acceptance of the article for publication is made by the editorial board on the basis of the expert review of the same or related field of study. Each paper is reviewed according to single blind peer review.

  3. All version of the submitted paper and reviews are available on the article page in E-submission system.

  4. If the author of the paper disagrees with the reviewer’s opinion, he/she may submit a reasoned reply to the Editorial Board. The paper may be sent for reviewing again or for consideration in the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board informs the author about the decision on request.

  5. In case of substantial changes, the corrected variant of the manuscript is forwarded by the Editorial Board for another reviewing.

  6. The final decision on acceptance of the paper and its publication in one of the journal volumes is made at the Editorial Board meetings. The Editorial Board sends a motivated refusal to the author, whose paper has not been accepted, on his/her request. The Editorial Board should inform the author about the decision within not more than 3 months from the latest reception of the manuscript. Manuscripts of published papers are not returned to authors.

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