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Our mission - to provide an open and accessible forum of 21st century for science and research as an effective tool of cooperation and transer of knowledge between universities, scientific and industrial entities and corporate and academic communities. Our goals - integration of social and natural sciences and technology; innovative ideas, processes and technologies; science and education link. We are commited to the ethical code.

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Humanities and Science University journal is a multidisciplinar scientific periodical targeting international academic and scientific communities. Journal is being supervised by Herzen University and Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

Journal publications are included in the national database Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and database WorldCat of international system Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). All publications are in full compliance with standards of international bibliometric and scientometric indices of the full line of products by Thomson Scientific and Elsevier’s Scopus. Our primary task is to extend inclusion of the journal in international databases.

Journal has two series and publishes articles in Russian and English. All communications with authors and reviewers are automated via e-submission system.

Humanities and Science University Journal.\nPhilological, Historical Sciences, Archaeology, Art Criticism

Philological, Historical Sciences, Archaeology, Art Criticism 
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Humanities and Science University Journal.\nPhysical and Mathematical, Technical and Biological Sciences

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